The Club

On the eastern side of Johannesburg lies Alexandra, a dusty township that is known for many things including the most famous gangsters of the 1950’s, Political Activism and definitely the outstanding soccer players and administrators it has produced over the years.

Football has always defined peoples’ lives in Alexandra where soccer players were followed and celebrated from an early age. In the early 90’s Alexandra United, the most successful team from Alexandra, gained promotion to the National First Division, one division lower than the Premier Soccer League.

This Promotion raised a lot of hope for local footballers and the community at large was behind the team. Sadly, the team was sold in the late 90’s due to financial challenges and with this, faded many dreams of local boys who saw the team as a platform to launch their football careers.

In 2009 Alexandra United was bought back and returned to Alexandra United but having now gone a division down, the team’s goal is to work hard and move up division by division until they reach the PSL, one day becoming a force to be reconed with in our top local league.